Singapore Airlines' Winning Strategy

Singapore Airlines is a throwback, by design, to the days when flying was glamorous and customer service was king. "They've created a luxury travel experience and retained the glamour of long-distance travel. It's almost retro.

Of course customers have to pay more for this experience,.
Flying has become so stressful, they're willing to pay a little more for a better experience.

"What about coach ?" I wondered if the focus on first- and business class was anti-democratic. If Singapore Airlines was bringing back the glory days of aviation, was it also bringing back the exclusive nature of '50s air travel, when only large businesses and the upper classes could afford the experience.
In turn, wouldn't this affect global business and commerce if it became difficult for entrepreneurs, small business owners and others to afford to fly ?

Singapore brings its customer service focus to all cabins, even if it's making its money off of the front of the plane. "
1. They give more frills to economy than any airline,"
2. They were the first in-seat TV s and offered more channels than any airline.
3. They have, even in economy, more flight attendants per passenger."

Singapore also goes against conventional wisdom by using the downturn as a time to make capital investments, not shun them.
The net result is an airline that's built customer loyalty and a solid business.
It is about focus and exercising a distinctive.

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