Customer Delighted

Your customers are your lifeblood - always learn the fast and made it easy steps, take to turn them into lifelong fans! You work very hard to acquire customers, to serve them, to sell them and to keep them satisfied.

I learned that the standard for customer service should be to “surprise and delight” the customer. That means you must find out what the customer expects and then give the customer more than he or she expects.

The following 9 steps can be used to exceed the customer’s expectations.

1. Ask the customer what he or she expects from you.

2. Based on the customer’s answer, do whatever it takes to deliver more than the customer expects, and remember that you want the customer to be “surprised and delighted.”

3. Ask the customer if you delivered more than he or she expected.

4. If not, do whatever it takes to deliver more so that the customer is “surprised and delighted.”

5. Once you know that you have exceeded the customer’s expectations, ask the customer if there is anything more that you can do.

6. If the customer tells you there is more that you can do, ask what it is and do it.

7. Assume the customer tells you there is nothing more that you can do, but you can think of something more that you can do. Do the additional thing that you thought would be of benefit to the customer.

8. After you have done everything that either you or the customer can think of, make sure the customer knows that it was your pleasure to work with him or her.

9. Tell the customer that you are available at any time if something comes up and the
customer needs additional service.

These steps are not complicated and are really quite simple to follow.

You have the ability to make your customer happy when you do so much to meet and exceed his or her expectations. You can be proud of yourself whenever your customers are “surprised and delighted” by your good service.

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