The Basic Principles Of Marketing

If no one has heard about what you are offering, you have absolutely nothing. Marketing encompasses all the things you do to promote your business and your products or services. Without a proper marketing effort, you will never stand out from the crowd. Here are the principles you must bear in mind in order to score an effective marketing effort measurable in sales.

1. Identify your target group.
Focus your marketing campaign on a specific category. Effectively selling a product to teenagers requires a completely different discourse than for selling it to people in their 40s.
Instead of scattering your message to the whole world, address only a certain segment of the market and you will have greater chances of success.

2. Know your customers.
After selecting your targeted group and before sending your marketing message, understand the needs and wants of your potential customers. You must see what their reasons are for buying your product and then sell to those particular concerns. Learn to speak their language.

3. Be enthusiastic about your company and product.
If you will present a genuine passion for your business to those around you, soon everybody will be interested in your product. Nothing beats a natural easiness and enthusiasm when it comes to presentations and selling.

4. Learn to cope with refusals.
When you are trying various methods to increase your sales, some will work, some won’t.
Don’t be afraid of people saying “no”. If you want to see which marketing approaches really work, you need to test them first.

5. Be different.
If you want to differentiate your business from all the others in the industry, make sure your actions are not similar to those of your competitors. Free advertising is always a good way to go. Try to attract the attention to your business whenever you can.

6. Don’t give up.
Failure is a part of succeeding. Do not give up on believing in yourself and your business if you encounter trying times. Instead, learn from your mistakes and the others.

7. Always have “sale” at the back of your mind.
This means that all your actions have to be directed towards increasing your sales. Write your marketing copy having this in mind, do presentation thinking of sales.

Don’t waste precious time and put all these principles to work. And when you do, your marketing efforts will soon result in the true measure of marketing – increased sales!

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